Cryptoeconomic Primitives

Aug 20, 2023
Primitive Input Output
Quadratic voting/funding preferences resource allocation according to participants’ preferences
(Dominant) assurance contracts money option (public good)
Blockchains compute, code uncensorable execution
Schelling courts/oracles question consensus answer
zkSNARKs/STARKs information proof of possession of information with a given property
ZK rollups code fast/cheap execution
Proof of (unique) humanity biometrics, social connections, government ID, etc proof of identity as unique person
Social recovery possessions derisked possessions
Fractionalized investing risk preferences, information risk allocation
Prediction markets question, opinions, research prediction oracle
Harberger taxes preferences (ie valuations) revenue, incentives toward efficient resource allocation
Retroactive funding money, funder preferences, production resource allocation according to funder’s preferences
LLMs text fast information